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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    The Wine Mummy

    Apparently my traveling and shuttling wines back and forth to Ohio got noticed, because I received a Wine Mummy for review. The Wine Mummy is a sturdy plastic bag with a layer of bubble wrap (the large half inch bubbles, not the smaller quarter inch size), another interior layer of black plastic, and a zip top enclosure. Normally I wrap a bottle of wine in clothes or stick it in a box full of t-shirts inside my luggage, but there's always room for improvement.

    My first test was to see what kind of bottles fit the bag. It's designed to hold a single 750mL bottle, but those come in assorted shapes and sizes. At home I tried out a few different bottles. In addition to the standard Bordeaux and Burgundy styles it also worked with a Rubenesque sparkling wine and a tall, slender Riesling.

    Benito - 22 December 2008


    Because of airport restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage, taking a bottle of wine with you when you travel to visit friends or relatives has become virtually impossible. Even packing a bottle or two for shipment as checked baggage isn't feasible any longer because of the charges for checked baggage. And wrapping a bottle in a shirt or sweater and putting it in a checked suitcase doesn't necessarily protect it from careless baggage handlers.

    One solution is Wine Mummy, a plastic padded, zip-sealed travel bag that is designed to protect bottles when placed inside a checked suitcase.
    The Wine Mummy is a double layer polybag with layers of bubble padding that measures 17 inches by 7 inches and will hold a standard 750ml bottle. Even if the bottle should break inside the suitcase, the Wine Mummy will contain the wine and keep it from staining clothes.

    Wine Mummy is made by Vino Amici, a Torrance-based company that develops and markets wine and travel accessories. For information, go to Suggested retail price is $4.95, and Wine Mummy can be obtained by visiting the Web site or calling (310) 965-0500. It's available as a single unit or in packs of two, three or five.
    Wineries can order in bulk with a personalized logo.

    Napa Valley Register - 22 December 2008



    We are now offering the Wine Mummy product in packs of 2, 3 and 5; each saving more and more! Go check it out!

    Vino Amici - 26 September 2008



    A user was looking for a case for wine in checked luggage, thankfully a Wine Mummy customer referred the person in the right direction!

    Chowhound User - 26 September 2008


    "We purchased the Wine Mummy bags as an incentive for our Shell Vacations customers who book our new Napa Valley resort, Vino Bello. These bags have been a big hit with all of our customers."

    Shallana Edwards - 26 September 2008

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