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Wine Mummy®
single unit

7 x 17 inch padded
sealable zip top bag
up to a 750ml bottle

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welcome to wine mummy

Welcome to Wine Mummy, an innovative bag that offers today's traveler an affordable and practical way to transport wine and spirits in their checked luggage.

Due to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's restrictions on liquids in carry on luggage for the past few years, wine enthusiasts have very few options when it comes to transporting wine and spirits while traveling.

Enter Wine Mummy -- a durable, zip-top bubble bag that is perfect for the traveler who wants to transport and protect their wine and spirits while traveling. You'll also have the peace of mind that the content's of your luggage is well protected. No more stuffing bottles in socks or wrapping them in t-shirts and hoping for the best.

Take a look in our store and check us out. For information on corporate sales or custom orders, please email sales@vinoamici.com.
Insert your bottle into the pouch Seal the zip top, which safeguards luggage contents in the unlikely event of a break Pack Wine Mummy safely in the middle of your suitcase
For Orders or info call: 310.965.0500
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